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We specialize in the production of special accessory

plates for various types of radiation medical equipment.

Featured Capability

Radiological Quality Inspection System

By introducing a complete set of clinical digital X-ray machine (DR) and auxiliary devices to adapt needs of products’ inspection, we set up in 2015 a dedicated testing system which specializes in examining the products’ X-ray transmission properties, including the Alu-Equivalence and X-Imaging-purity. This system is specifically designed for batch image scanning, and it can complete the detection task efficiently, which makes the whole production process detection technically possible.

  • Weadell - The Dedicated X-Ray Test System
  • Weadell - The Dedicated X-Ray Test System6
  • Weadell - The Dedicated X-Ray Test System7
  • Weadell - The Dedicated X-Ray Test System8
  • DR Tabletops
  • DR Tabletops of MMR Composite1

Featured Product

DR Tabletops of mHPL Composite

• Great radiolucency and imaging performance

• Lightweight and Strong

• Adapting to the all kind of medical DR

• Sandwich structure with mHPL surface and rigid foam core

• Customized production according to requirements

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